Webbing Sling
Polyester or Nylon
Color Code:
Safety Factor:
6:1, 7:1,8:1
In 3% at WLL

Webbing sling are most common type of sling, Its consisting of high tensile synthetic yarn woven to webbing. And thread to a variety of different types of sling to serve a particular use. Webbing width ranged 25 mm to 200 mm. Safety working load limited from 1 ton to 20 ton.
Webbing Sling With Eye at End
SEE Single Lay Webbing Sling
DEE Double Lay Webbing Sling
TEE Treble Lay Webbing Sling
FEE Fourfold Webbing Sling
Type of Eye

Flat Eye

Turned Eye

Half Tapered Eye Full Tapered Eye
Endless Webbing Sling

SEW Single Lay Endless Webbing DEW Double Lay Endless Webbing Sling

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